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Vendor / Supplier Financing

We are one of the best company incase of

vendor and supplier finance providers

specially in an area that is undergoing rapid change due to new entrants and incumbents leveraging technologies. Unlock your money tied up in invoices through the power of bill discounting services in Dubai.

Vendor Finance Providers, Supplier Finance Providers & Bill Discounting Services Dubai, UAE - iMoneyWe arrange direct Vendor / Supplier Financing. How does this work?

1. If you have a payment term with a particular vendor say for 30-45 days, we pay them as per their payment terms, while we let you enjoy additional credit for another 45 days. This helps improve your working capital cycle.

2. Our documentation process is very simple. We do a simple Term Sheet with you and pay your vendor based on the same.

3. As a guarantee we take a PDC from you.

4. We can also arrange Day 1 payment to your Vendors in case they are willing to extend you cash discount on upfront payments. You can pay back the same over 90-day period. Again this improves your working capital cycle.

5. Also you don’t have to show the outstanding under Bank payables rather you can show them under Trade Payables. This helps in improving your leverage ratios substantially.

What do we need from you?

1. Last 2 years’ audited financials are required for our Team to analyze the company strength.

2. Once approved we set limits.

3. We then arrange payment to the vendor directly based on a PDC issued by you.

4. You can use these limits to pay your vendors and help improve working capital cycle.

Bill Discounting

We understand an entrepreneurs’ needs for short term finances when it comes to supplying to large corporate. That’s why we arrange Bill Discounting services that give you access to funds at competitive rates. Additionally, minimum paper work and quick transaction delivery makes this and ideal way to meet your working capital needs.