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IT Company


Nov, 2013

IT Company


Though the amount solicited is AED 30 – 40 Mn for 49 % stake sale, we are open to start with a smaller amount, in the form of Mezzanine / Equity.

2016 sales and net profit are projected at AED 22 Mn, and AED 5 Mn – which means that even if the company is valued at AED 50 Mn and the investor comes in with AED 25 Mn, there is 10 % return on the table from year 1 itself, just from the share of profits (2.5 Mn out of the 5 Mn). Equity on offer will be a combination of Primary and Secondary Equity.

The client could sweeten the yield further by offering an additional 5-8 % as coupon / interest, apart from proportionate share of the profit, thereby making sure that the yield on the investment is > 15 / 18 % per annum, to start with.

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