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We understand an entrepreneurs'
needs for short term finances when it
comes to supplying to large
corporate. Your dream of taking your
business to new heights or
consolidating debts can now be
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A smooth cash flow situation is of
paramount importance when it

comes to running a

business. Operating liquidity and
working capital are important pillars
of your business, and ultimately of
your success.
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We understand the importance of necessary
capital for your growth. Your business needs
expansion both in terms of size and in terms
of global reach. We recognize the increasing
need of an uninterrupted flow of funds to
such growing business.
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The companies you do business, with undoubtedly
have impeccable credentials. But why take a
chance? With our association with top regional as
well as international banks, offers Letter of Credit
(LC) facility which arms you with a guarantee of
payment, especially useful while transacting with
companies you have had limited exposure to.
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There are several Investment firms all over. Who
suits you best? Why take a chance? Come to us,
take our advice. We have great products that will
suit your investment needs both of short and long
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We have excellent deals across the Region for very
interesting Merger & Acquisition. They are simple
they are achievable and on a small to medium
scale. The industry is diversified. Get in touch with
us and get to know these very interesting opportu-

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At iMoney the world has a solution.

Every business in today’s world needs solutions. Do you have one firm that brings the best of solutions under one table in single Menu? Probably not. That is exactly what we plan to deliver at iMoney, Bring to you the best of contacts with best Financial Institutions, top Investment Advisory, expert IT solutions, topnotch Legal Experts of the Region. This is what iMoney brings to you on your Menu for you to order.

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